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Penn Trafford Soccer

The club has developed an email address for you to either inquire about volunteer opportunities or let us know when you have completed your volunteer hours.  The address is:

This inbox will be monitored by a board member.  Feel to free to ask any volunteer questions via this link. 


In-house schedules are posted to the "schedules" file in the downloads link above.

The 2014 Warrior Soccer Academy and fundrasing forms are also located in the same file.

Important dates for the spring season:

Saturday, April 26:     Fundraising Forms Due

Week of May 5:          u14 tryouts

Wednesday, May 7:    Hoagie pick up

Week of May 12:        u12 tryouts

Saturday, May 17:      Celebrate Soccer

Week of May 19:        u11 tryouts

Week of May 26:        u10 tryouts


Cool The Bushy Run fields are OPEN

Volunteer for Refund of Member Service Fee

As you have been seeing in many of these EBlasts, here are numerous ways to gain your member service fee back.  Concession stand duty is the most popular way but there are many other things that the club can use your help with.  Field lining is one job that is easy to do.  This is a job that can be done at the end of the week at almost any time that is convenient for you.  It only takes a few minutes to learn exactly what needs done and is extremely easy to complete. 

Keep in mind that after you volunteer, your $40 credit will be applied to your registration account and not your credit card.  The club does not have the ability to apply credits to your method of payment.  


Learn more about the Member Service Fee.

Tryout Age Chart

Use the following age chart to determine which age group your child should be in for the upcoming travel tryouts.

Fall 2014-Spring 2015
U19 8-1-95 to 7-31-96
U18 8-1-96 to 7-31-97
U17 8-1-97 to 7-31-98
U16 8-1-98 to 7-31-99
U15 8-1-99 to 7-31-00
U14 8-1-00 to 7-31-01
U13 8-1-01 to 7-31-02
U12 8-1-02 to 7-31-03
U11 8-1-03 to 7-31-04
U10 8-1-04 to 7-31-05
U9 8-1-05 to 7-31-06
U8/U7 8-1-06 to 7-31-08
U6/U5 8-1-08 to 7-31-10
Travel tryout information

Travel tryouts will start the week of May 5 with the u14 boys and girls teams.  Exact days and times for the u14 tryouts will be sent the week of April 28.  The remaining schedule is:


U12 boys and girls            Week of May 12

U11 boys and girls            Week of May 19

U10 boys and girls            Week of May 26


Based on the number of kids registered for tryouts, we plan to form the following number of teams but please understand these can change based on who attends which tryouts:



U14 - Only have enough to form one u14 team - would include both u13 and u14 girls        

U12 –1 team to be formed

U11 –1 team to be formed

U10 –1 team to be formed



U14 - Only have enough to form one u14 team - would include both u13 and u14 boys                    

U12 –1 team to be formed     

U11 –1 team to be formed

U10 –1 and potentially a second team to be formed


For a complete list of travel requirements, please check the web site as this has our requirements document posted to it.  The document is located in the downloads folder under the tournament documents.   Please download this document and keep it for your reference.



Upcoming Events

Mothers' Day

Memorial Day

Fathers' Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

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