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Travel League General Information

Penn Trafford Soccer Club is a member of PA West Soccer, which is the National State Association of the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA). PTSC fields boys and girls teams that compete in the U9 through U19 age groups. PA West Soccer has three competitive divisions for community travel teams known as Divisions 4, 5 & 6. Division 4 is the highest level of competition where teams compete against the best teams across PA West. Divisions 5 & 6 are local travel divisions where teams compete in District 1, which has local teams (e.g., Norwin, Kiski, Somerset, etc.). If you have any questions about travel soccer contact [email protected].

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No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.


At this time travel evaluations for the 2020-21 Travel Program are not scheduled due to the restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Once we are cleared for soccer activities the evaluation schedule will be communicated.  If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].


The Penn Trafford Soccer Club offers its players the opportunity to play on teams that compete against other teams of the same age group and skill level from other local soccer clubs in the PA West Soccer Association.  PTSC may organize boys and girls teams for players from U9 through U19 age groups.  U9 through U14 teams are formed for one year and play games in the Fall and Spring seasons.  In accordance with PAWest’s rules, teams in the U15 through U19 age groups play only in the Spring.

In order to be placed on a travel team, players must participate in an evluation session or “tryout.” Using evaluation scores and input from coaches, travel teams are formed to create the opportunity for children to play at a level appropriate for their ability and skill. To accomplish this, teams are formed at multiple levels of competition available through PA West, ranging from Division 4 (most competitive) through Division 6 (least competitive). The final number of teams depends on the number of players and the skill of the pool of players.

Due to the limits of roster size and more competitive nature of travel league soccer, some of the players who attend evaluations may not be placed on a travel team. 

Additional information about the travel team evaluation process and team formation is below.

Player responsibilities:

  1. Register in the on-line registration system for the evaluation sessions
    1.  No payment is required to register, but registration is mandatory
    2.  Players must register by the deadline established by the club.
    3. Players registering for a tryout in an older age group must complete a “Play Up” form (for example, U10 players need a “Play Up” form completed before participating in a U12 evaluation).
  2. Players must attend at least one evaluation session to be eligible for rostering (though participation in both sessions, if possible, is encouraged).
    1. Unless arrangements are made with the Board before the scheduled evaluation (for example, if a player is injured), the player will be deemed absent and will be moved to bottom of evaluation rankings.
  3. Players must accept or reject a bid within 72 hours after the bid is extended.
    1. Players must pay for the travel season by the date(s) established by the club.
  4. Players who accept a bid understand they are accepting a bid to play in the fall and spring seasons.

Club responsibilities:

  1. Once the tryout schedule is finalized it will be posted to the club’s website and advertised as needed.
  2. The club will establish “evaluation teams” consisting of independent coaches to conduct the tryout sessions.
  3. In this context, “independent” means that the club will make every effort to use evaluators that do not have a direct familial relationship to any player being evaluated in that session.   
  4. If the number of players registered for any given age group exceeds the allowable roster size for that age group, the tryout will be held.
  5. Upon conclusion of both tryout sessions, the evaluation team will turn over their evaluation rankings to the Board (acting through the appropriate coordinator or subcommittee) and the Board will prepare the draft rosters and recommended division of play based on the evaluation team’s rankings.
  6. Concurrently, the Board (acting through the Director of Coaching or subcommittee) will identify coaches for the proposed travel teams from the pool of coaching candidates.
  7. The coordinators will then review the proposed rosters with the selected coaches prior to rosters being finalized. 
  8. All roster decisions are ultimately at the discretion of the Board of Directors of Penn Trafford Soccer Club.
  9. Once rosters are established, bids will be sent out to the selected players.  In the event that there will be more than one team established for a given age group, bids may be sent first to the players selected for the team competing in the higher division until that roster is full, then to the team playing in the next highest division, and so on.
  10. If a player does not accept a bid within 72 hours, that player’s bid may be rescinded, and the club will offer a bid to the next highest rated player based on the evaluation session scores.

Travel League Age Chart

U19 2002
U18 2003
U17 2004
U16 2005
U15 2006
U14 2007
U13 2008
U12 2009
U11 2010
U10 2011
 U9 2012/13

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