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Issue 1.0
Approved 10/8/2023


To outline the PTSC policy around drugs, alcohol and tobacco usage.


This policy applies to all activities occurring at PTSC or PTSC approved facilities and when guests at other facilities.

1.     The Penn-Trafford Soccer Club has a zero-tolerance policy regarding the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco products at any Penn-Trafford Soccer Club event. We are
proud to be a drug free organization at all times. Please note the following:

a. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco and drugs (including marijuana and misuse of prescription medications) are not permitted at any Penn-Trafford Soccer Club event including practices and games. It shall be appreciated that the policy also applies to active ingredients of marijuana, its derivatives and in any form.

b. No coach, player or volunteer should participate in any Penn-Trafford Soccer Club activity while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

c. Smoking or the use of tobacco products including vaping is not permitted around youth sports practices or games and is forbidden at the Bushy Run Soccer Complex in general.


Penn Trafford Soccer Club reserves the right to revoke membership or forbid entry of any guest found in violation of this policy.