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Director of Coaching and Player Development Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is two parts, fun and individual player development.  If a child does not have fun playing they will not put forth their best effort or worse yet, no longer want to play the game.  Fun is a large part of the long term plan to develop a love for soccer in all players.

Starting at the younger age (U9 – U11), individual development is the focus.  Technique is the concentration in these important developmental years.  Training sessions should be geared towards individual players with small numbers activities transitioning into scrimmages.

Players with strong technical ability will lead the way to team development in their older years (U12 plus).  As the player progresses into their teenage years, team building begins to take shape with well-developed and skilled soccer players.

Each child has their own level of talent and motivation.  The job of a coach is to help each individual grow a love and respect for soccer, find their best effort, and develop the talents they possess.

Practice / Game Schedule Changes

To help make sure we don't miss any requests when it comes to rescheduling games or cancelling a game or practice, we have introducing a new form that you must complete, that will record your request as well as send a notification to our Travel Ref Coordinator, to make the appropriate changes to the online schedule and referees.


Other Coaching Reference Materials

We will post additional information on available training here when available.  Please let us know if you need any additional resources.

Information/Links for obtaining your clearances:  Clearances

Outline Progression for Teaching/Coaching Soccer from U6 to U19:  Outline

Concussion training: HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Training | HEADS UP | CDC Injury Center