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Adult Soccer Information

The Penn-Trafford Soccer Club is excited to offer our older soccer players that change to continue playing the great game of soccer!  We participate in the PA West Adult League in the following classifications:

Over 30's (O30)
The Over 30 league is the Western Pennsylvania Adult Soccer Association, and league games are played on Sunday's

Over 40's (O40)

The Over 40 League is the Pittsburgh Masters Soccer League, and league games are played Saturday's

Both leagues typically run from March to November, with a summer break mixed in.  Each team is expected to play between 14 and 16 games a year.  The Penn-Trafford teams will have an option practice once a week for those able to attend.  We hope that this is a fun opportunity for the adults in our club to get outside, kick the ball around and have some fun!

For more information on adult leagues check out the PA West Adult League website here.

Adult Soccer Open Registration

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.


Can I play on both the O30 and O40 teams?
Yes, it is possible to be rostered on both.  We will set teams based on the registration numbers and needs of each team, but dual rostering is permitted.

Why am I charged $100 when I register?
All players are required to pay a $100 registration fee to the Penn-Trafford Soccer Club.  This fee will be used to pay the referee fees along with any other league costs.  In addition, you will need to register on the PA West website and pay a $25 registration fee there as well.

Is the fee for the whole season or just the spring/fall?
The $100 registration fee covers both the spring and fall seasons regardless if you play on one or both adult league teams.

I'm 29, can I still play?
If you turn 30 during the 2024 calendar year you may be rostered on the O30 team.  Likewise, if you turn 40 during the 2023 calendar year you may be rostered on the O40 team.