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Issue 1.0
Approved 10/8/2023


To state the expectations for players at PTSC.


This policy applies to all activities occurring at PTSC or PTSC approved facilities. This policy shall also apply when players are guests at other facilities. 


1. It is the expectation of the Penn-Trafford Soccer Club that all players:

a. Will put forth their best effort at practice and during games.

b. Will play within the Laws and Spirit of the game.

c. Will play because they enjoy playing.

d. Will NEVER quit and will ALWAYS be positive.

e. Will respect their coaches and their decisions.

f. Will respect the referees and their decisions.

g. Will practice soccer skills on their own several times a week.

h. Will ALWAYS demonstrate good sportsmanship.

i. Will be the best that they can be for themselves, their team, and the PTSC.

j. Will avoid bullying, harassment and ALL other hurtful behaviors toward their teammates. Will report bullying or hazing to coach or parent.

k. Will never say or post anything on social media any hurtful information about any coaches, teammates, players on other teams, referees or spectators.