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Becoming a Coach

We are always looking for a few good coaches!

If you are interested in helping to coach either an in-house or travel team please contact us at [email protected] and let us know!  Coaches that successfully complete a full session will earn their $50 volunteer services fee back at the end of the session.  To be a coach you will need to obtain the necessary clearances outlined below as per the PA West requirements.  

STEP 1: Obtaining Clearances

The Penn-Trafford Soccer club requires all coaches (age 18 and above) to secure the necessary clearances as required by PA West, our sanctioning board.  Please follow the steps below and contact us at [email protected] with any issues you may have.

Act 34 – Criminal Record Check (must be renewed every 5 years)

You can obtain this online by going to Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History - Home ( and clicking on the “New Record Check” link for volunteers only.  There is no charge for this if you are a volunteer.  Questions can be directed to 1-888-783-7972. 

Act 151 – Child Abuse History Clearance Form (must be renewed every 5 years)

You can obtain this online by going to and clicking to “Create Individual Account” if you do not have an existing account.  There is no charge for this if you are a volunteer.  Questions can be directed to 1-877-343-0494.

FBI Fingerprint Clearance (only if you have not lived in PA for the past 10 years, must be renewed every 5 years)

The fingerprint -based background check is a multiple-step process.
Applicants must register prior to going to the fingerprint site. Registration is completed on-line. Registration is available 24 hours/day, seven days per week at

Registration/fingerprint process: enter code 1KG6ZJ, select shedule or manage appointment, enter required information, select a security question (note for future reference), please choose the document you will use for ID at processing center, selection a location and schedule an appointment (specific or walk-in), submit registration and print confirmation. Please note that payment is processed with your prints are taken. 

VOLUNTEER AFFIDAVIT (if you have lived in PA for 10+ years)

If you have lived in Pennsylvania for the past 10 years you can submit the
ACT 153 VOLUNTEER AFFIDAVIT in lieu of fingerprinting.  You can download this affidavit here.  This form needs to be notarized.  

STEP 2: Obtain SafeSport Certification

SafeSport training must be completed prior to interacting with athletes. The content of this SafeSport training was developed and is maintained by the U.S. Center for SafeSport, which retains individual course completion records.  Upon completion of this training you will need to upload a copy of your certificate to the PA West portal as you do with all other certifications.  To access the SafeSport online training click here and follow these steps:

1. Complete information on “Sign Up” page. 
2. If prompted, log in to the new account you just created.   
3. Click on “Menu” and select “Catalog.” 
4. Click the Start button for “SafeSport Trained – U.S. Soccer Federation” to complete the course. 

STEP 3: Obtain Coaching License(s)


All coaches (travel and recreational) along with team managers are required to take the U.S. Soccer  "Introduction to Grassroots Coaching" course which is available on the U.S. Soccer Learning Center here.


In addition to the grassroots coaching course, the following courses are available online.  Each course is $25 to take and the PTSC will refund you the cost upon successful completion.

4v4 Training 
7v7 Training
U6 Recreational Head Coaches (Required)
U6 Recreational Asst. Coaches (Recommended)
U8 Recreational Head Coaches (Required)
U8 Recreational Asst. Coaches (Recommended)
        U9 Travel Head Coaches (Required)
U9 Travel Asst. Coaches (Required)
U10 Travel Head Coaches (Required)
U10 Travel Asst. Coaches (Required)
U10 Recreational Head Coaches (Required)
U10 Recreational Asst. Coaches (Recommended)
U12 Recreational Head Coaches (Required)
U12 Recreational Asst. Coaches (Recommended)
U14 Recreational Head Coaches (Required)
U14 Recreational Asst. Coaches (Recommended)
 9v9 Training  11v11 Training
U11 Travel Head Coaches (Required)
U11 Travel Asst. Coaches (Recommended)
U12 Travel Head Coaches (Required)
U12 Travel Asst. Coaches (Recommended)
 U13 Travel Head Coaches (Required)
U13 Travel Asst. Coaches (Recommended)
U14 Travel Head Coaches (Required)
U14 Travel Asst. Coaches (Recommended)
U15 Travel Head Coaches (Required)
U15 Travel Asst. Coaches (Recommended)

STEP 4: Upload All Documents to PA West Risk Management

You may not take the field until all your documents have been approved by the PA West Risk Management Team.  To submit your documents follow the steps outlined in the document below.

instructions for uploading coaching documents.pdf

In addition, we ask that you please upload a copy to the PTSC repository here.