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Issue 1.0
Approved 10/8/2023


To clearly state the club’s policy toward players playing up age groups in soccer.


This policy applies to all players U6-U19.


1. Penn Trafford Soccer Club does not believe that playing up is beneficial to children in a community club.

2. As rule, the club does not permit players to play up age groups.

3. PTSC may allow interested players to play U9 travel one year early. These players will ALWAYS be required to play U9 for an additional year and move with their age appropriate group.

4. In exceptional circumstances not related to a child’s ability, the executive board may vote to allow playing up to ease the burden of families, single parents or caretakers.

5. As a reward for strong play with their age appropriate team, a player may be club passed to a roster one year up, however, the player must never miss games for their appropriately aged team in order to play on the older roster.

6. No younger player may be club passed to an older team at the expense of a primary rostered older player’s playing time. See Coach’s Responsibilities policy. It is understood that with substitutions and fitness level, not every player will be equal. Large deviations from 50% will be investigated.

7. No coach may inconvenience other coaches, the age group coordinator, PA WEST leadership or members of the PTSC board to coordinate games to accommodate
club passing players. Club passing should be done on an ad-hoc basis, after games are scheduled and the times and locations are verified between both coaches.

8. No coach may club pass a player without first talking to the players primary roster coach.

9. Coaches should not use club passing to win games. Coaches should also consider the welfare of a child when club passing. No child shall participate in more than 2
games per day. NO EXCEPTIONS.