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Constitution of the Penn-Trafford Soccer Club

Constitution of the Penn Trafford Soccer Club

March 1, 2015

 Article 1.                 Name – The name of this organization will be the Penn-Trafford Soccer Club, LTD. The organization may also be known as PTSC.

 Article 2.                 Purpose -

Provide a quality and fun soccer experience to the community of Penn-Trafford and the surrounding area. The club provides an avenue for kids of all ages and skill levels to learn and play the game of soccer in an organized and safe environment.

 Article 3.                 Affiliation -This organization will be affiliated with the PA West State Soccer Association.  The organization shall comply with PA West the above in matters pertaining to youth soccer.

 Article 4.                 Membership – Membership in PTSC shall be open to any resident of the Penn-Trafford School District, or by special dispensation of the Board.

 4.1.   Membership within PTSC is to be granted and controlled strictly by the Board of Directors of PTSC.  Membership of the family having a child play for a PTSC team is automatic.  Membership only occurs when the child is placed onto a PTSC team.  Signing up and payment of a registration fee does not confer membership status and the enrollee shall have no rights except to contest arbitrary denial of and/or placement onto a team.

 4.2.   Regardless of the number of children playing, for the purposes of voting, the family has one (1) vote at the Annual General Meeting.

 4.3.   Reserved

 4.4.   The Board may by special action at its discretion confer membership upon any person for the purposes of playing, coaching, Board membership or any other reason.  Such membership shall be approved by simple majority of the Board present.  The application for membership shall be read and held over to the following meeting where it shall be voted upon.

 4.5.   The Board can and has the absolute power to revoke or refuse membership upon notice, to any person(s) for any reason including conduct unbecoming to soccer or detrimental to PTSC.  The Board action requires a simple majority as set forth in 4.4.  The aggrieved individual (s) may request a hearing before the Board or its designated panel.

 Membership in PTSC shall not unreasonably be denied by the Board.  The Board shall, by voice vote, unless a question is raised, certify membership of enrollees, prior to the player fee being paid to Pa West for each spring and fall season.

 4.6.   Those members who are coaches, Board members, or who have contact with any youth player or referee shall follow the requirements as mandated by PA West and PA state law regarding volunteers for positions.

 4.6.1.      Any person who has an Order known as “Protection from Abuse Order” that is either current or has expired and desires a position outlined in 4.6 above must declare the existence of said Order whereupon the Board shall determine the individual request.  This provision is included as PFA Orders are civil in scope and do not appear on criminal background checks unless the Order was violated and criminal contempt proceedings were filed.  Any person who lies or falsifies their application for a position in 4.6 shall be immediately removed from that position.

 Article 5.                 Government - The government of PTSC shall be the Board of Directors.  The Board shall have an Executive Board committee made up of the Director, Assistant Director, Treasurer, President of the Board of Trustees and Secretary.  The Board shall be comprised of the executive committee and at least 6 at large board positions.

 5.1.   The Board shall be elected by majority of membership present at the annual meeting designated by the Board as the election meeting, which must be held in compliance with PA West regulations.

 5.2.   The election shall be by secret vote, voice vote, raising of hands or electronic vote as decided by the existing Board.

 5.3.   If any position is unopposed, the Director who shall run elections may at their discretion call for a vote on the “slate” of unopposed candidates using the process in 5.2.  In contested positions, candidates may request to give a presentation and will be given an equal amount of time as determined by the board before the meeting.    Open positions can be voted on at any time of the year as necessary.  The board can appoint an interim member of the executive committee.

 5.4.   Roberts Rules of Order as amended in this constitution controls meetings of the Board and Board decisions are final.

 5.5.   Meetings will be run by the Director in his/her absence, the Assistant.  All Board members listed above in Article 5 shall have a vote.  In case of ties, the vote on that particular matter in question shall be deemed tabled and may only be voted upon again after Motion to Represent which shall be decided by simple majority.  A quorum may be called at any time.  A quorum shall be a minimum of seven (7) voting members.

 5.6.   An individual must be a member of PTSC in good standing to hold a Board seat.  No individual may become Director without first serving as either an Executive Board member or having held a board position for at least 3 years.  Membership in good standing is membership as set forth in 4 through 4.5 above.

 5.7.   PTSC shall establish a Board of Trustees to assist with capital decisions, provide input to ensure a continuous operation of the club, and to provide assistance to the club during dissolution and winding up.  The Trustees shall be comprised of three (3) persons including the immediate past director, and two (2) other members of PTSC as appointed by the Executive Board.  The Trustees shall have one (1) collective vote which vote shall be used only on issues involving changes to the constitution, changes to the stated purpose of the organization, or on questions involving dissolution and/or winding up.

 5.8.   Winding up and/or dissolution of PTSC shall follow the format set forth in the PA West constitution and bylaws subject to the following:  After all debts of the organization have been paid, any money left shall be placed in a trust for the boys and girls high school soccer program with direction by the board.

 5.9.   All Board decisions are final.  The Board is to be held harmless and the club shall indemnify the Board Members for any action(s) brought against the Board or its members.  PTSC is to provide Officers and Directors insurance coverage for the Board in the amount of not less than two million dollars.

 5.10.  The Board will from time to time enact laws and rules for the good of the game and for the good of PTSC.  These are to be kept in a binder and are specific to the motion or circumstance that caused them to be enacted.  They do not supersede or overrule the Constitution of PTSC.

 5.11.  Reserved

 Article 6.                 Duties of Officers

 Board members at large will be assigned duties by the executive committee.

 Director - Shall run all meetings of the PTSC and attend all meetings of the state or other local groups as may be necessary to meet this organization’s stated purpose.  The Director shall be reimbursed for traveling expenses by the PTSC, which will be subject to Board approval.  The Director will also be responsible for guaranteeing the organization meets all local, state and federal regulations.

 President of the Board of Trustees - Serves on the board in an advisory capacity as a non-voting board member.

 Assistant Director- Shall run the PTSC in the director’s absence and will appoint all committees as they become necessary to meet this organization’s stated purpose.

 Treasurer- Shall be responsible for establishing control of all monies of the club, which shall be deposited in a recognized bank in the name of the PTSC.  He/she is also responsible for any applicable federal and state tax fillings.

 Secretary- Shall be responsible for handling all correspondence that will be required to meet this organization’s stated purpose. The Secretary shall also be responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings.

 The term of each board position will be one (1) year period.  Members at Large- Shall be elected at the annual meeting as per Article 5.  Their term of office will be one (1) year.  They will be responsible for all organization and operation of leagues and/or age groups as they have to so that they can meet this organization’s stated purpose.

 Article 7.                 Power of the Board- All decisions concerning the operation of PTSC shall and will be handled by and is strictly within the power of the Board.   The Board shall not be bound or liable to pay for any item purchased without authorization of the Board.

 7.1.  Reserved

7.2.   Reserved

7.3.   Reserved

7.4.   Reserved

7.5.   Reserved

7.6.   Reserved

7.7.   Reserved

7.8.   Reserved

7.9.   Reserved

 Article 8.                 Board Meetings

 8.1.   Monthly Board Meetings

 8.2.   Annual General Meeting

 The annual general meeting of all members will be held in accordance with Article 5.1.  At this time the Treasurer will give the annual report and the new members and officers will be elected.

 The agenda for the annual general meeting is as follows:

1.      Election of Officers

2.      Treasurer’s Financial report

 Article 9.                 Reserved

 Article 10.             Participation - Youth who meet the age requirements as set forth by the PA West and PTSC, and who meet the membership requirement as set forth under Article 2 will be eligible to play as approved by the Board.

 Article 11.             Colors - The colors of this organization will be green and gold.

 Article 12.             Fiscal Policy-The seasonal (fiscal) year of this organization shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30 of the following calendar year.  The constitution and by-laws hereafter adopted and the rules and regulations, shall be in effect during the entire twelve (12) months of the seasonal year.  PTSC is and will remain a non-profit organization and the club will not enter into a transaction that will cause a tax liabillty.

 The PTSC shall distribute its income in such a manner so as not to become subject to the tax on undistributed income imposed by section 4942 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (26 USC 4942) or corresponding provisions of any subsequent tax law.

 Article 13.             Financial - The Board of Directors shall be responsible for all financial decisions, as they may be required, so that they may meet the stated purpose of this organization.

 Article 14.             Amendments - Constitutional amendments must be made and seconded and are to be approved by a 2/3 plus 1 of the Board.  The proposed amendment is to be read and carried over until the next meeting at which time the Board will vote after a Motion to close discussion has been made, seconded and approved by a simple majority of the Board present.  Votes to repeal and pass regular bills in due course, shall be made, seconded and passed up or down by majority vote.

 Article 15.             Indemnification of Officers- the Board shall carry all insurance for the PTSC fields, buildings and grounds as well as coverage for the players, Board and staff if applicable.

 Article 16.             Dissolution - In the event of dissolution, any assets accumulated would be distributed by the Board under the provisions of Article 5.8.

 Article 17.             Reserved

 Article 18.             Coaches will adhere to licensing standards as dictated by PA West.  Licensing reimbursement policies will be defined by the Board so long as the coach agrees to coach within PTSC.

 Article 19.             Reserved

 Article 20.             The Board may from time to time in its discretion allow various advertising to be placed around the fields of PTSC so long as a fee is paid.  PTSC will not permit political signs, campaigning or solicitation to take place at the PTSC fields.  No team shall have as a sponsor a political candidate.

 20.1.                    Reserved

20.2.                    Reserved

20.3.                    Reserved

20.4.                    Reserved

20.5.                    Reserved

20.6.                    Reserved

20.7.                    Reserved

20.8.                    Reserved

20.9.                    Reserved

 Article 21.             PTSC facilities shall not be used for any outside purpose unless approval is received from the Board.  This outside usage is specifically to include outside sales of items, handout of materials, and solicitation.

 Article 22.             Any prior rule, regulation, policy that is not referenced herein shall remain the law of PTSC unless and until the Board is called upon to decide the effect of the former with the current at which time the Board may in its discretion repeal the former in favor of the current.