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Issue 1.0
Approval 10/8/2023


To state the PTSC requirements for suspending practices and contests due to inclement weather.


This policy applies to all activities occurring at PTSC or PTSC approved facilities. This policy is adapted from the National Federation of State High School Associations.

1. When thunder is heard or lightning is seen*, the leading edge of the thunderstorm is close enough to strike the location with lightning. Suspend play immediately for at least 30 minutes and vacate the outdoor activity.

* - At night under certain atmospheric conditions, lightning “flashes”, rather than bolts may be seen from significant distance. In these cases, it may be safe to continue an event. If no thunder can be heard and the flashes are low on the horizon, the storm may not pose a threat.

2. The safest place to evacuate is to a fully enclosed metal vehicle. In the event this is not possible, the pavilion may be used.

3. Play must be suspended immediately when thunder is heard.

4. Play must be suspended immediately if the lightning detection system at the Penn Trafford High School can be heard.

5. If a weather app indicates that lightning has struck within 10 miles of PTSC, this may be used to suspend play.

6. Once play has been suspended, wait 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or lightning is witnessed.

7. Any subsequent thunder or lightning will reset the thirty minute clock.

8. When any team applies the above criteria to suspend play, all teams must suspend play. Coaches, parents, referees, administrators and other members are encouraged
to communicate in order to suspend play across the entire facility.

9. Review the lightning safety policy annually with all administrators, coaches and game personnel and train all personnel.

10. Inform athletes and parents at the start of the season.

11. Only coaches, board members and referees may terminate play.